The few press events I went to for s/s 13 made one thing clear..... Dungarees are gonna be big next summer.
It's one of those 'hate it or love it' pieces, but I'm me and I'm odd, so you already know how I feel about them. Rather than buying some ridiculously priced £200 ones I'm going to search on ebay and in Charity shops. Although  River island did have some sick ones at their press day which should be out in April, I just can't waaaaiiiiiit to find the perfect ones!!

Margaret Howell SS13

Anya Ziourova in Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim (Same as Anya's)

These are alright although not quite the right fit for me. But they could still do
See here

Miroslava Duma

House of Holland SS13

My God, If I find a black leather pair with the perfect fit which also happens to be within my financial situation, I think I might actually go to church.


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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, I certainly will be looking out for dungarees in time for spring and summer.


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