Festive Red

I'm not sure why red is the christmas colour. Some say It has something to do with Italy, some say its the blood of Jesus. Whatever it is, I'm pleased, because it's one hell of a badass colour and looks good on everyone. I know I wear it when I'm trying to give off that "I'm sexy vibe" But we all know that it just never works. However, I'm sure Daisy-Mak readers are all beauts and will do the colour justice. ;)

Kenneth Jay Lane

My obsession with Roll necks is a bit disturbing. This just had to make the cut
Vivienne Westwood Mens knitted top

Nars lip gloss
I wouldn't wear these, but they are very 90's and can look really cool on people with a certain swag.

I know what youre thinking this isn't red, but actually, it is! It's oxblood which I believe is a shade of red? no? Regardless, Its stunning!

This is so wang!

I need to get this. It's so easy and hassle free. I need a new Wallet anyway

ACNE Skinny's

The different hues and tones of red make it even easier to find what suits you better. There is no excuse! Get something red peeps and join in on the festive season fun!! 


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