Black and Leather.....

Black and Leather...... These 2 in any combined state give what I like to call an effortless chic. 

I'm sure we all know that black is pretty much the easiest colour to wear. It goes with everything, doesn't get stained easily and conceals parts of the body we don't want to be visible. Ladies ;) Some might consider it a bit of a sneaky cheat but who doesn't like an easy way out? Christmas is near and we all know what that means.....

It's very easy to find yourself having way too many black items in your wardrobe, but if you don't have a black above the knee skirt, then you really need one.

I love this Ann Demeulemeester skirt because It's not too clingy nor loose and also not too short nor long. That Zip detail at the front which actually opens up just gives it an extra edge that makes it even harder to say no. It's perfectly effortless.
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This is pretty much the coolest bag I've seen in a while. I've never been one to buy logo infested or overly extravagant bags so you can imagine my excitement when i saw this.  Its not got too much going on it has the softest leather and I can literally shove my whole life in it all at once.
SCORE! Join the Wang gang

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Finding a dress to wear in the winter is probably the hardest thing one anyone's to do list, but with  an extremely cozy and knitted top half and a bottom half made of good old leather, I think its safe to  say that the search can come to an end. Diane Von Furstenberg is a life saver for this one.
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Ill be doing more high street based but also cool, black, effortless and chic picks tomorrow so stay tuned.


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