Never fully dressed....... without a smile

Others tend to avoid horizontal prints because they supposedly make one look fat. This is probably why Im beginning to find more of its kind in my wardrobe. Don't even ask.

The Olympics being in London was one of the best things about the summer. As much as it might have annoyed so many, I absolutely loved that so many countries could come together in peace for the same purpose. Its really quite rare these days.  

These day's I've become a bit of a side boob connoisseur. I'm not trying to sell my body or anything I promise, but it can look quite fetch. 
Or it can look like your dress is a size to small which I think might be the case here. Perhaps my pose was just a bit too strenuous for the dress? It doesn't change the fact that I like a girl who isn't afraid to show her side cleavage.... Im also not quite sure where exactly I was flying to.

I wore this laid back dress because I planned on going to see the torch relay after work that faithful day. Probably a tad bit out of trend but I dont care about those things sometimes. I think I should get a trend point for the mixed print no?
To all my friends who don't believe I have dimples, here is your proof. They come out about once a month and I promise they  aren't photoshopped. A girl just wants to be cute yeah. If you cant see them then you are clearly visually impaired -___-




  1. You look great!!!!! Love that dress dear!

  2. Great outfit and joyful post.
    Of course I can see your dimples, I like people with dimples they are so irresistible.
    I am a sucker and I know it.

  3. lol! your sense of humor is awesome <3

  4. Your smile is your best accessory!

  5. Aww I'm in love with your outfit :D
    Great blog babeyy ;)

  6. Such a lovely post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???


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