Somewhat Baroque

It might look like the caption of this picture will say *Bitch please, I'm too fly to grace the lenses of your camera* but in actual fact I was just looking at a bare wall because I wasn't creative enough to take effortlessly cool pictures which should help with the nonchalant look. It also looks like I have a deformed wrist but lets try to ignore that.

 These days comfort is my only motive when dressing up. It also doesn't help that summer in england means 2 weeks of torrential rainfall and 2 hours of sunlight as an ongoing cycle. What I'm trying to get at is that its hard to look nice everyday. On days that I manage to pull myself together and look like half  a human being, the weather is usually too crappy to even feel fly because I usually have some sort of plastic bag over my head. (We need to protect the weave you see) I'm one of those who buys an umbrella every time it rains and I can never seem to find my neon pink PVC raincoat which makes me look beyond pathetic. Good or bad thing? I'm not even sure myself. Running aimlessly trying to seek solace in one of those overpriced restaurants in central London where glasses of coke go for £4 also doesn't make me look any more attractive. People passing by probably always have a good laugh. My point is that the weather needs to get better. But with the bad comes he good right, because I had so much fun running home from the cinema with my friend at 1am last night in the heavy rain. I did need tea when I got in but those moments... I just love!!
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Notice how I'm ignoring the fact that i practically abandoned this blog. I'm just hoping that making a fool out of myself in the last photo could be some form of appeasement. Did it work?
For those of you who aren't easily amused,  I'm gonna have to give ya a little treat sometime in the new week . A VirgosLounge giveaway perhaps? This blouse maybe?
Well, you'll just have to wait and see.  (Talking about giveaways, the winner of the last one will be emailed tomorrow) I do hope this act of bribery works. 
If it doesn't, take into consideration that I work a jillion hours a  week, my laptop crashed and well, I'm trying to have a life.

If that still doesn't work, then 2 words....Im sorrryyyyy.

Have a blessed week.


  1. such cute photos!

  2. you look good

    but your style in previous years > your style now.

  3. great look!
    you are forgiving, we all go through hectic situations at times

  4. amazing outfit!love it!!

  5. Oh my god youuu hottie , you look bangin x


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