Classic Aztec

I find it quite hard to understand what exactly it is about Aztec prints that makes one look somewhat.......sluttish.  The cast of Jersey/Jeordie shore (whats the difference) should probably be held responsible for that one. I was able to wear this out..... in the day work! Lemmie give you the low down....
I don't usually buy body con skirts from the High street that cost above £20 because lets face it, after 3-5 wears/washes, they start getting all shitty and hideous, but this one really caught my eye. The length suitably counteracted the hoe-like print and behold produced a somewhat respectable me.


And by the end of the day.................

This happened right in the middle of the most used station in London, KINGS CROSS! I should have done the appropriate thing by jumping unto the train tracks out of embarrassment but you know me, I made a laugh out of it and limped all the way to the cinema to watch Magic Mike, bought granny shoes and headed home. 
Zara will be getting a visit from me. Shit is about to get real.



  1. Oh god! That's tragic about the shoes ahh :(

    I love your outfit though.

    Ava Tallulah
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  2. Oh no! You wouldn't have expected Zara heels to break!

    The skirt looks gorgeous on you too btw :)

  3. Seriously having bag crush and it compliments your outfit perfectly.

  4. Great loojk and skirt!
    You definitely need to set the record straight with ZARA, really?

  5. awww you look nice an i agree with you on most body con skirts...sorry about the shoes.question is, how long have you been wearing those shoes bcos if its not that long then Zara is about to get it!

  6. Great outfit and I am so mad about those shoes!!! Yeah, if I were in your position Zara would be getting a visit from me as well.


  7. great look and I'm sorry about the shoes

  8. I love your skirt ..I got love Aztec prints see
    Tryna get more of such skirts..
    I'm gon be following your blog..hope u stop by mine,x

  9. nice the skirt



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