INSTAGRAM (Month of April)

 On my Instagram page (@daisymakblog), you will see a lot of Food, Friends, Funny, Fashion and Family. The 5 F's is what I like to call them. You will probably see a few miscellaneous things which don't quite fit into any of those categories, but don't we all have those things in life.

April was probably my busiest month yet as I don't recall having one day where I was able to sleep in. I worked like a Jillion hours a week in-between RI to VirgosLounge to the blog to future upcoming plans. I recall cooking only once which for me is pretty similar to being in prison but it was all worth it. So much came out of all of it and I am forever grateful to all 5 F's and God for keeping me through it.

Remember my April challenge which I posted here?

I'd say all in all It was a success. The only unsuccessful day will probably be the day I wen't to watch My girl RIRI in battleship and I uttered some severely rude words to strangers who were making the experience unpleasant.
Apart from that I think making so many people smile is one of the best bits about last month.
I told this one girl that her swag was out of this world which it was and her smile really affected me the most. I don't know if its because there was a lipstick stain on her front tooth or if she just had a really contagious smile but nevertheless, If she was happy, I was happy!
A new month has started. I hope for new blessings and new adventures for us all!!



  1. Great pictures!!!!
    Happy new Month dear!!

  2. Such great images!


  3. off to follow i do love instagram

  4. love the colors and designs!

  5. Your instagram pics loook like sooo much fun! OMG aweseomnesss! Love your blog! You rock
    xo Big kiss
    Beckerman Girls

  6. Looovely pictures <3

    xoxo Carolina Ferretti //


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