Bambi and Manson Party Gig

Just incase you haven't noticed, I am now short and blonde. DRASTIC I know! but wait till you see me go pink very soon :D

Considering the fact that I have a group of friends who permanently refer to me as Bambi and that I've recently developed an unhealthy obsession with distressed shorts, I'd say my obsession with this brand is justified. 

Teen Vogue and Grazia are fans of Bambi and Manson so who the hell am I not to be!!

Check them out here

It is the go to website for grunge but girly ripped, distressed, tie dye, frayed, studded EVERYTHING

Sorry about the quality of the pictures but unless you are visually impaired, you'll be fine.

Caggie dunlop did a whole load of covers including Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games'

A Singer off the Voice. She was beyond impressive!! Got me dancing!

So not only was it a party with lots of sweeties and alcohol, it was also a nice lil gig. 
Don't forget to visit them!!



  1. I love your hair!!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. omg i love your outfit.The shoes , the jacket , everything. x


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