Instagram Filters

Anyone who says instagram filters don't help them out with their looks is a pathological liar. These pictures weren't a sore to the eye before I put on the filters but due to the lighting and lets face it, my face (no pun intended) the pictures didn't come out right. :(  I love the vintage feel most of the filters give and the natural feel also.
I had to borrow my freinds clothes this morning as we had an unplanned sleepover last night which is quite silly of me seeing as I had work this morning. If I was just going home, wearing pyjamas accross London isnt a new thing for me, but I had to look somewhat presentable as I was going to an office. Luckily, these were amongst the first 10 things I pulled out from her wardrobe in the dark. (did I hear you say TALENT?)lol.... I actually really like this outfit. Only flaw, the skirt is short as hell and the man behind me on the escalator at Holborn had a very fulfilling escalator ride.

Follow me on instagram @daisymakblog my fellow instagramers......

Follow me on instagram @daisymakblog my fellow instagramers...... 
Lots of love


  1. Love this look, super casual but still effective! And I love me some Instagram! :) x

  2. Love your top and your shoes! this is soo cute

  3. I have to agree with you on the instagram thing,...It def enhances any look.


  4. LOVE!!!!

    You will not regret it. :)

  5. I love your blog and im def following you on IG. You can follow me too @myssshopaholic

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