Does this make you smile?

If my weird socks and badly executed poses make you laugh at me smile. Then I'm ok with it. Why? I have set myself a challenge for April to make at least 10 people smile a day. It may sound tough but think about how many people we come in contact with while going to/at work/school/play. (Yes, some of us still go out to play!! :)) I just think about how much better it makes me feel when someone pays me a compliment after a shit day. Also, you never know what the person sat next to you is going through. 
Pay a compliment, crack a joke(even if its not funny) smile at people, start a conversation, share your sweeties/chocolates with strangers. It doesn't take away your life if you do any of the above.

A good 50% of people might consider you to be a low life weirdo/freak but if you make the other 50% smile, then what does it matter?

NOTE: Don't do all the acts mentioned at the same time or to the same person. You may not get desired results.

Can you make at least 10 people smile a day? If you think you can, how do you intend on going about it?



  1. This is soooo sweet. Past days have been horrible but i should past all that and reach out to others :)

  2. cute!!!

  3. I love hwo you put everything together - you look great! The colors are wonderful. And it's definitely important to make others smile - I work at a nursing home and one silly joke or kind act can totally change a day. Thanks for the lovely reminder <3

  4. Awwww you made me smile! I think that's a great idea and so nice of you! xxx

  5. I love the blazer and shirt. :)

    You will not regret it.

  6. jst cant stop smiling.aww ::-)))))+))))+))))+:)))))


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