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Back to Fashion Week pictures but fear not, this is one of the last.

When a brand has not one but two creative minds behind it, you know that there will be lots of creative juices flowing.  Although the designs are more mature than I'm used to, I'll still go for a vast majority of the pieces in this collection.

Read the rest of my review here on Cult Hub Magazine.....

I sat next to a very talented illustrator. I didn't get her name, but it was pretty fun watching such amazing talent up close. She made each sketch literally in under 10 seconds. I almost got distracted from the show itself.

I went backstage after the show. It was MAYHEM!!

I have to say, these are some clothes that pictures don't do justice. Check heir site out here

Hope you loved the collection as much as I did and hope you enjoyed my review on Cult Hub Magazine too babies.......
Lastly, thanks to POP PR.


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  1. Watch my las post, I sared this video too!!!!!
    It's important and people should watch it!
    Good job!


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