Todd Lynn

There is a lot of variation in the collection in terms of colour, styles and themes, but it all seems to be brought together by one thing; elegance!  Todd Lynn is known for bringing this out in women through clothes no matter what the genre is. For example, check out the leather biker jacket and the safari chicks in burnt oranges, browns and yellows. Regardless of the bad lighting or should I say excessive lighting in the showroom, watching the show felt like a thriller movie consisting of an italian mafias wife,  biker chicks, bitchy but sexy working women, housewives from the 60's, adventurous safari keens and socialite trust fund girls. All this is masked with a dusky atmosphere that I can't seem to place a finger on.
Imagine starring in such. The most eye catching accessory other than all the red soles has to be the arm shoulder....Wait! Neck length gloves. Funnily enough I've discussed these gloves before on this blog here and I'm still not quite sure what to call them. 

The styling is different but it does the job. It's able to tell the story of "Corrupted Elegance" which I'm sure you've already guessed by now is the name of the collection. Although, I'm still not quite sure what his aesthetic is - Classic, tailored, urban(I.E Biker chick) or ambiguos. Maybe all! Seeing this catwalk definitely leaves me wondering whats next to come and how it is going to be portrayed for us all to see. I don't see how it can get more interesting. A job well done to the Todd Lynn team.

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  1. This is amazing collection! Love the cut of coats!


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