LFW Day 1

This season has got to be my busiest season yet, so there are loads of pictures to share. I couldn't upload all so check this Facebook album for the rest. Sorry they are kind of late. ENJOY!!

Also check out my reports on CultHubMagazine.http://www.culthub.com/
All photographs and videos were taken and edited by me.

Anne Sophie Madson
My report for CultHubMagazine -The use of mainly neutrals with a little splash of colour here and there confirms to us that Anne Sophie Madsen, is staying true to her signature colours. We all love a bit of colour, but some designers do a much better job when they have a limited colour palette as they have to make the best out of what they have which is exactly what she does. When I was watching the show, I thought  that she had an Alexander McQueen-esque feel to her work only for me to find out later through research, that she was a junior designer at AMQ. Am I phsichic or what? Mcqueens love for interpreting history into his designs seems to have rubbed off oh her but in a different way; she seems to be more commercial. What odo you think?"

Fam Ivroll
My report for CultHubMagazine -

Nova Chiu
My report for CultHubMagazine - "I could tell from the Silhouettes, vibrant colours and the festive feel of this collection that the designer was inspired by her ethnic routes. In an interview, the Chinese born designer believes that not a lot is known about Chinese fashion and is therefore trying to give it a little exposure by basing her collections around them. She included a lot of features of chinese traditional fashion by using heavy embroidery, accessories such as the rice hats while styling them using traditional parasols. We can see from past collections that she has grown from strength to strength as the years go by which has lead to stronger collections. Great things to come for this London School of Fashion BA graduate."


My report for CultHubMagazine -With a VIP clad front row at Phoebe English, everyone was hoping for yet again another breathtaking collection from the Central Saint Martins Graduate. I gathered that they were impressed to say the least from the look on their faces, and the standing ovation she recieved after the final walkthrough.  Her use of a vibrant colour such as pink shows that she went far out her comfort zone as if you look through her archives, her colour pallete is more in the neutral zone. She did stick to some of her signature staple styles with the use of frills and fringes which I think might be a bit to repetitive of her looking back at past collections. All in all, I'll give the collection a 7/10 because of how far she stretched out her comfort zone in regards to colour and even silhouette."

Krystof Stonyza

Hope you enjoyed my post,
More on day 2 coming up soon.


  1. my best collections here have to be Krystof Sonzya and Phoebe english!not so much colour, just emphasis on the design!and great outfit btw.:)

  2. very cool!
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  4. Love all this - such great inspiration! Looks like you had a great time

  5. Wow wunmi, great stuff! Well done xxx

  6. Just discovered your blog - real cool!!! Would love for you to check my blog :)


  7. lust lust lusting all of this coverage!! Slightly obsessed with that Stonyza cape and Phoebe English! Amazing! :) Great blog- following you.


  8. Hope you had a great time there <3
    your look is great

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