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The reason why this is so late is because I literally just found out about this look competition about two hours ago Via twitter. I wish I had more time to write, but I couldn't miss this opportunity.

The fascination I have with the the way a woman's Shillhoutte is shown off or hidden in clothes is what really drew me to fashion in the first place. Look magazine has always been one of those magazines that appreciates all body shapes, sizes, colours and personalities in both their magazines, and runways. What better way to experience this fashion spectacle than to be sat front row at their show in September?
I saw an article on guardian online last season discussing the shows diversion regarding their choice of models. Read it here

Its beginning to seem like I'm some raving lesbian obsessed with female body parts( I think lesbians are cool by the way) but, I just think that that is somewhat the foundation for fashion. After all, the women are the target audience. Attention to detail, as I'm sure you guys know is also a very important aspect to me. It is an indication that the designer has put effort into his work and also that I haven't gone blind yet. I love experiencing little details like the fabric choices, embroidery, the fact that taupe and caramel are 2 completely different colours(why am I the only one that notices that). From the photos of the look show in February that I saw in the magazine, you could tell that their team has a good eye because of their ability to pick out such outstanding pieces, and pair them together to make what I like to call a fashion bomb. Incase anyone didn't know the look show showcases clothes from High street brands that we all already love and are very well acquainted with. But, somehow, they make you love the brands and their products even more. It enables us to view these labels on a higher pedestal which they rightfully deserve. I would love to witness the talent from all areas of the show as mentioned above first hand; The stylists, designers, PR e.t.c. Learn from them, and share my opinion with anyone who will care to read.

There is still so much for me to learn in fashion, and I believe that from this experience, I will get a better understanding and clarity as to why they have not hopped on the band wagon of all the other magazines using stereotypical models. You know, the skinny and tall. They have given younger girls hope that Fashion is not all about being skinny and starving yourself. This I think is a miraculous deed. Don't you? I will sure be like to be a part of this; at least once in my lifetime. Another good deed of course is creating a better name for the High street brands.

Every  Look show just gets better and better since they started a couple years ago. The only way is up! I know one amazing phase of the show this season is Mango's most glam range will be featured. Have you guys seen that collection? It's beyond ace. I love EVERY single look.
Mango AW11

Also, as I did last season at fashion week, I reported to you guys what I thought about the shows here, here and here.
I babbled on and on about the atmosphere of the shows, what I thought the themes of the shows were, and how awesome they were .While I don't consider myself in anyway experienced(not even close) I think that I will definitely do better than the last time, as I have learnt from mistakes.I think having the opportunity to blog live for Look at their show front row, will help me learn even more.

Look magazine is so down to earth and this is why so many people like myself are able to identify with them. Fashion is down to free will and individual opinions like every other art; What is Beautiful to one may be ugly to another, but , there is an exception here because what is beautiful to LOOK, will be beautiful to all I tell you. ALL!!

                        Fingers crossed. Now going to bed as I have the Worlds worst headache! It's got to be.

                                                                         Till next time dolls. (that will be tomorrow)

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