Eudon Choi 2011 A/W collection

I'm LOVING the grunge in this collection. Eudon is a fairly new designer I discovered on the internet yesterday, and I spent an hour looking through all the photos and studying the clothes.
My favourite collection is the 2011 s/s collection. While its not particularly colourful as it consists of mostly neutrals, Its got this pretty but classic vibe. You know, Timeless pieces. I'm not too sure why I'm just finding out about this label. 
Check out the other collections HERE 

More photos of this collection after the jump

I think the clothes from this label will be perfect for styling purposes.

Below is Lady Gaga's new video. Say what you want about her, but she's a VERY talented song writer. She's definitely up there.

Lastly, Just incase any one was wondering what category to nominate for the cosmopolitan Blog awards, its the new fashion blog category because this blog hasn't been active for up to 18 months


I have an outfit post for tomorrow.

Till then. kisses.x


  1. I can't agree with you more. Lady Gaga is out there but she is a pure genius! I love all her music videos. She really puts work into it.

  2. Great collection and definitely screaming FALL.

    Thx for your comment on my blog and would like to follow each other if you like. Let me know.

    <3 Marina

  3. Amazing collection, I adore it :)

  4. J'aime votre collection. Tout semble absolument magnifique


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