It takes time.

This isn't what I wore today. This is yesterdays outfit. I ran some errands, checked the shops out for a bit and did lots of walking around so, I decided to go in comfortable shoes. These, I thought were my best bet; Little did I know. I had to go home to change my shoes in the middle of the day. That's how bad it was. 

More photos after the jump.

All but the bag is Vintage, The bag is Alexander Wang.

You know the course thing I was telling you guys I started today. Well, It pretty much has to be the best course on the face of the earth. or at least London It's fun, extremely useful, social and laid back. I met the coolest people today, and I learnt amazing techniques and skills. I mean, I made a draped a dress inspired by a toy truck. How cool is that huh?! It was a long process, But I did it!! I will definitely be posting photos of that tomorrow along with my outfit which I actually really liked. It was a very odd mix (sporty and cute),  but it turned out rather chic. I smell the pizza burning in the over... gotta go!!

                                                                    Till next time dolls!! :*


  1. you are so pretty.. congrats on the new happenings

  2. Oh my god the shoes are AMAZING. I never ever have the courage to wear brights, you pull it off so well! Love it, Panda xo

  3. lovely outfit!! Beautiful blazer <33


  4. oh wow! great stuff! love the outfit!
    Where's the sketching course taking place? :d


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