Happy People !!! :D

This is the outfit from yesterday. A little bit of cuteness and little bit of DANGER!! Ok, Not really, I just had to do that. But It's boyish anyway, so I found this look quite interesting. made me feel like I was a hermaphrodite. I'm thinking this sort of look might become my new obsession in life.

Prepare yourself for a big rant after the jump. :D

And there you have it. The jacket actually belongs to my friend. She didn't want it anymore, Imagine that.

I really just need to rant about today's happening. The good news first... I got a free starbucks voucher when I went for lunch with some girls from my course. The guy serving me dropped my sandwich on the table, and Not to sound like a pig or anything, but i actually didn't mind. I would have eaten it happily. But he went to his manager to report himself before I could even say anything. Now, That's what made me unhappy. A girls gotta eat... quickly.  So I asked (very politely what they were doing) and before I could finish my sentence, out the voucher comes from her fanny pack. I was like OH YEAH!! I know you guys are like why so excited. Well, You see, I NEVER EVER get free things. And now, I think I might cherish this voucher too much to even spend it. I didnt even know they did this. Seems like I'll be making more complaints at Starbucks! Oh and I got another Sandwich!!

                                           Lastly, I think I almost got a heat stroke today.  I HATE HEAT!

                                                                Till next time!!


Comments/constructive criticism are welcome! :)