The weather was just too nice to not go out.

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I hung out with my sister Fioye today. We were meant to grab lunch and do a bit of shopping. Then we ran into Keji and Simi, then we all ended up having lunch and shopping together.. lots of fun :) But Keji and I missed a fight when we went down the road for a bit. That really upset me. I got the nicest dress everrr!!

My obsession with this tying up of a full T-shirt thingi is becoming a bit too much. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing it alllll summer long. Especially if you have my white distressed Levi shorts... ohlala.. Plus I launched my Gianni V bag today.... It's going to become my new baby. 

Mind us not, You don't even have to watch the video. I just put it up to humiliate my friend Daria. We were acting like dang fools in the LIBRARY. Did you notice "library"? lol. where studying is meant to be taking place. F our lives.
She's left Adams forever now which is really sad. There were tears at the train station when we said goodbye but this video kinna makes up for all the sadness. Plus, you might not have noticed, but I fell, then she fell right after due to laughter. I'll miss her so. *sigh*

Another video I've fallen in love with:

My sense of humour is just appalling. lol. I watch it everyday :$

P.s I'm thinking of getting a new camera. Any suggestions please?! I don't know if I want another SLR or a more compact and practical one.

Till next time Turtles :)


  1. love the bag!


  2. you look really cute , and yes it was a really nice day xoxo

  3. love the outfit, great shorts :)
    if you are planning to get an SLR, the canon 500d or 550d are both great.

  4. Perfect for a cool day! I've got to get me some jeans shorts!


  5. This may sound really superficial/shallow.. but if you went to my school/I saw you on the street or something.. I would definitely be thinking "I want to be friends with her."

    Ha, not that your supposed to judge a book by it's cover and all.. but I LOOOVE that top/shorts! The proportions look absolutely stunning on you and you've got like supermodel legs mamaz!

    Dying to get more shorts.. especially distressed Levis.

    My brother just got a new camera, er, well used.. but it's new for him! I think it's about 2-3 years old and looked on Craigslist, got it for $500. It's the same model as my mothers, who bought hers at face value for like $2k, I believe. It's a Canon EOS40D, and it's amaaazing.

    Hope that helps a bit! I'm interested to see what you end up getting.. I'm planning on getting a new camera soon, but want like SLR quality, just not so bulky. Ha

    xx chelsea

  6. i like how you paired the shirt with the shorts and those shoes r cute, you arleady take really nice pics

  7. I love this confortable looking moccasins, where are they from?? ;)

  8. Hi!!
    Great blog and style ;)
    Can we follow each other?? We’re already following you!!!
    Hope you’ll follow us back!!
    Wherever the Sunset is

  9. so you're a size wat exactly?


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