shala monroque

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Shala, Shala, Shala...... I actually have no words to describe her......... You just take a look at her photos after the jump and leave a comment with what you think about her. I think I might have a serious girl crush on her. X_X I have heart palpitations when I see some of her photos.

As venerable designer and close friend Miuccia Prada puts it, "She has an incredible sense of fashion, and, more importantly, it's all very instinctive and natural. It's really a gift." Unlike her boyfriend, art mogul Larry Gagosian, whose more reliable style she describes as "preppy — he has worn the same look his whole life," Monroque is continually pushing the boundaries. -Harpers Bazaar

She is perfect to me. like, shes not necessarily into trends, but she still manages to look so good. I like her quirkiness as well and shoice of unusual accessories.. like that Tomato necklace... I mean...

She is... perfection

and no, I'm not a lesbo or a freak... Ok, maybe a little bit of a freak ;) who isn't?!

Till next time Turtles :)


  1. i really love your blog! this lady is so stylish and creative. what a wonderful fashion inspiration! =)

  2. I love the Hermes Constance bag!! So chic!

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  3. oh my she is STUNNING&BEAUTIFUL!!! Love her syle I can see why u have a gal crush hehe

  4. gorgeous woman :))

  5. Great outfits, thnx for commenting on my blog! :)

  6. she is so beautiful! loving these photos!

  7. Very very nice. Loved so many outfits, especially the last one. She's got a very unpredictable style


  8. Sigh she is just too fabulous for words!!!

  9. LOVE style your clothes so well....effortless yet edgy we love it

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