My stuff had their own little photo shoot.

So, lots and lots of pictures to soak in. mostly bright and colourful too, that's how I'm feeling these days :)

Plus, anyone notice how ready I am to colour block my life away!! haa

Recently acquired : the shorts, dress, straw hat, bag, watch, book and jewellery. 
The Japanese looking ring doesn't belong to me by the way. It's Lucy's and me being obsessed with anything related to Japanese fashion, I took it, but only for a little while :(
The bag was an awesome find in a charity shop. Doesn't look like I bought it for a quid now does it ;)
As for the watch, it keeps beeping everywhere I go,and I don't know how to put it off..
Wont you love it if someone gave you that jewellery set as a random gift  :)
The picture with loads of stuff was me practically emptying out the contents of my bag I used on saturday.
Lots of sweeties as you can see x_x which I'm not even allowed to eat because of my one week diet, I will tell you more about that in my next post. its really too long
p.s. I take that gun everywhere with me B)
p.s 2 Don't you just love how that tangerine is in my bag. LOL

Till next time folks!!lav ya


  1. You have such amazing htings! i love your watch!

    The Flower Girl

  2. Love your blog
    ever since I found it i like bookmarked asap!!
    I just love finding fellow african/now in Englanders(lol dt aint a word is it?hmm) that blog!
    I just started mine yesterday, blogging is a strange experience i must say...
    love how ur bag has lots of sweets!!mmm

  3. love the colors!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Love skittles and tangerines oh that nail polish color is boss. Lovely stuff :) Stay beautiful

  5. some great photos of your pretty little things! I love all the vibrant colored objects/materials you have!


  6. I just fell in love with your watch

  7. gorgeous...the colors are soo've got such pretty clothes :)


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