My name is...... Not important.

A same tone denim outfit has never been in my books of planned outfits, 
But I accidentally discovered this while randomly trying on clothes
(which I do a lot when idle)
I think its a good combo, but I dont think it'll be everyone's cup of tea

Jewellry wise, I went for silver. I'm more of a gold person, But with this outfit,
it'll just look more than wrong.

 I wore my new snake ear cuff. I saw it on tumblr once, and I went on a man hunt  for it until I got it!
It wasnt easy, but I did it, and when it arrived in the post on Friday, I thought it was all worth it.

Messing around in my friends room last Friday night.
A couple of pictures I took for other outfit posts got accidentally deleted.... gutted!

p.s. Did you notice how my nails were the same shade of blue too? :D i didnt do it on purpose; promise.

                                                          Till next time lovelies!! :)


  1. gosh, i love denim

  2. YOu look so amazing in this denim look ;))

  3. love the ear cuff! Saw it on a blog myself and wanted one and tada! Lent happened....can't wait until easter then i can purchase one guilt-free :)

    Xisses Onyxsta

  4. i love your ear cuff.. awesome.!
    i love the outfit.. really cool.! :)

  5. great double denim! such a good laid back look xx

  6. .I really like this post!! if you wont, you can follow me! :)

  7. love your blog.
    btw: how did you get the studs on your converse too cool.

  8. please tell me where you got your ear cuff.

    visit my blog! and answer all the questions i have posed you :)

  9. love the jeans.. where did u get them from??

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