My sudden love for orange

Paul and Joe
I have a sudden obsession with ORANGE. why? I have no Idea. Maybe because I think it suits everyone's skintone; Pale, dark, tanned, olive, chocolate brown or caramel. Or just because its such a wonderful/vibrant colour. Its one of those colours whereby, a woman's silhouette, shape and form can still be very obvious, no matter how busy the outfit is. It also creates a nice colour block base as well as it being in this season!

Prada "Tangerine is the hottest colour for Spring/Summer. To be worn with tan, toned legs and a touch of turquoise to temper the shade."
I'm going to be getting me some more orange clothing items ;) you should do the same

I have an orange outfit post coming up soon :D

Till next time!!


  1. Love these orange hues - you have me loving orange as well! Looking forward to your orange outfit post!


  2. Orange is now my favourite colour to wear, it compliments my skin colour :) xx

  3. OMG! Thought it was just me! Loving the last colour of the 30's style dress the a burnt orange. J'adore

    Xisses, Onyxsta


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