The 4Acesdate Girls! (Kaven, ozzy, Abby, Cookie)

4 beautiful, successful, and stylish ladies who love style and have a sense of humour too.
Meet the 4Aces


 1. What does style mean to you:  Style to me is that little thing that makes you an individual but yet part of a group. It’s what defines you as a person…be it good or bad…as long as you are comfortable in it
.2. What is the one thing in your closet/wardrobe you can't do without:  I firmly believe that every lady should have a pair of good black pumps…when in doubt...they always come in handy :D
3. A style secret you guys have? Well if I tell u it won’t be a secret now would it? :D ok ok…umm…it is always good to have key pieces in your closet that you can keep wearing over the years…a good pair of jeans, pumps, white T shirts etc never go out of style.
4. Who/what inspires you guys? Well it depends…when it comes to being hard working, I look up to Beyonce because I feel like she’s one of the most hardworking women out there.  I’m inspired by a lot of art work also. It might be odd but you can really see how colors go together when you look at art.
5. The makeup you use: I use MAC a lot..for their Matte lipsticks, their pencils or their powder.
6. Your daily skin regime: It’s pretty simple I guess…I always try to wash my face at night whether or not I have had makeup on and I apply face lotion. If I do have makeup on though I remove with a makeup wipe before I wash my face. I also make sure I moisturize daily with Shea butter for my body.


1. Style to me is effortless. Style doesnt equal fashion. To me style
is very important because it is basically the way you have chosen to
represent yourself to the world. The style of a person is more than
just the clothes they put together on their body is goes way deeper
than that: it reflects your choices & your personality. You can always
tell so much about a person by the way their style comes across:
prissy, playful, flirty, fun, serious, sophisticated..etc

2. The one thing in my closet i cant do without is SHORTS!! i love
shorts. I wear them so much less now. At some point people would
describe as "the girl with the shorts". They are just so easy to throw
on and they are great transition clothes: day to night, casual to more
dressy. I love them

3. The one thing in my closet i cant do without... id have to say bias
cut tshirts. they are effortlessly chic and functional

4. I am inspired by so many things and people!! I love all the style
icons of the era's....40's, 50's, 60's, 70's 80's, 90's!! Beyonce,
Jospehine Baker, Old records, rock and roll, paintings, music,
patterns, iconic moments in history, organic fabrics, outdoors,
flowers, floral motifs, wallpaper, Family and friends, my fellow aces,
books, blogs just...EVERYTHING really!! lol

5. I always go through make up phases. I was an avid mac user, but i
love to experiment so ive tried Chanel make up, Giorgio Armani veil
foundation, Iman, and now I use a french brand called Black Up.

6. Daily Skin Regime:  I go simple with my skin, i dont like to
overburden it with chemicals. I use Cetaphil wash and sometimes
neutrogena facial cleanser. Face lotion I use La Mer, and that is
pretty much it. I like to use a lot of home made natural products so
sometimes i make myself honey masks or egg white masks or sugar
scrubs, but my basic regime is cleanse + lotion. Simple and short! lol


-1.  Style is a big part of my life. You can tell a bit about a person from what they wear, so its quite awesome to be able to use clothes to tell a story about me!
2.  At the moment, especially since it is winter,my black combat style boots! They are cute enough to wear out at night, and functional enough to brave snow covered grounds!
3. I really have no style secrets but I guess it is interesting that we make some of our own clothes ( which makes our closets more unique!) The secret is that you cannot find some of our clothes in stores, unless we whip one up for you! :D
4. Inspiration comes from everywhere for me, retro-decades, music, music videos, movies, fashion shows, celebrities, designers collections, there is A LOT to admire style/fashion-wise in the world we live in now AND before,  I am a retro-decade junkie, and I am obsessed with music from the past as well as old movies and TV shows, I generally go through phases where I want to look a certain way from those eras :D

5. My makeup pretty much consists of  MAC mineralized powder, black eyeliner (MAC), black mascara (Dior show) and lipstick (MAC - Ruby woo, girl about town, viva glam V & chanel - Rouge Coco, Rouge Allure). I love red lipstick, the red lip is a recurring look for me, and has been for a very long time now. I have no skills whatsoever in eye shadow application and so I generally stay away from the plethora of eye shadows pots and compacts that exist lol.

6. I wash my face about 2 or 3 times every day with Oil of Ulay facial wash (Renewal cleanser), I also use their face lotion, I have sensitive skin which pretty much gets irritated (rashes, red blotches) when I use anything too strong. I generally tend to use products which are soft to keep my skin glowing and fresh and free of blemishes. 



1.     what does style mean to you
Style means to me, being able to express who you are visually, a way
to create an image for yourself that you like and want people to see
you as.

2. What is the one thing in your closet/wardrobe you can't do without
My handbag, Ralph Lauren Ricky bag… I think it’s the best purchase I
ever made, the bag goes with almost everything and it’s big, and I
love big purses lol

3. A style secret you guys have?
A style secret is definitely being able to make our own clothes,
sometimes I just want something to look a certain way and I have a
hard time finding it… so why not just make it.

4. Who/what inspires you guys?
Everyone and Everything. I love reading other people’s blogs like Sea
of Shoes. I read a lot of magazines books TV, old musicals and
Broadway. I love costumes and I love the idea of taking your look the
point where it almost looks like a costume lol. So everything inspires

5. The makeup you use
This is easy… I’m a Mac girl, Red lipstick and eye liner and I’m good to go.

6. Your daily skin regime
I wash my face everyday and before going to bed I try to apply a Lime
and Honey face mask.

Thanks Girls
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