Virgos Lounge Peacock collection editorial- going on sale soon on
The designers are my sisters, So its very inspiring to me. :)

If you notice, these pictures aren't vibrant or loud with colour. I prefer subtle Art, Fashion, Pictures and everything. That's the kind of person I am. THAT'S A LIE!
But, This is the reason why I LOVE me some Japanese designers... 
*major swoonage* they rock!
I do go all loud and obnoxious with my clothes sometimes, but that's just an occasional thing ;)
I will be doing a colour blinding inspiration post soon for those of you who like COLOURS!!

Till next time lovelies


  1. Does Virgos Lounge sew the pieces themselves or do they just sell the dresses?

  2. You might need to ask the designers that directly.



  3. Hey Omowunmi........long time......well not for me..
    I need to make a confession....I hav bn following your blog for a very long time. its like my fashion outlet...
    I bet you cant guess who I am.....
    I will tell u if u want to know...just want u to guess first...x


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