Do it like a dude

I know this is not a guys blog, but it is a fashion blog. Guys wear clothes too you know... Enjoy!!

 I have a thing for guys in all white.

And preppy guys too *major swoonage*
Combat colours look all sorts of hot on guys. if you're reading this and you happen to be male, get something combat coloured.

Do they do these is a size 6?
Preppy boysssss ;)

I love the way the jeans are folded upwards... looks effortlessly cool
Sick shoes

I have a thing for old guys in suits! 

I love well dressed guys! sigh**

As much as I love to get dressed in frilly frocks and body hugging clothes, sometimes, I go for an androgynous  look. Like here
I AM a tomboy, so I don't have much of a problem with dressing up like a guy. I actually just got this M&S trouser suit combo thing. The only thing I have to do to perfect the look is to alter the trousers and making them skinnier. Right now, I look like a lesson teacher/tutor when I put it on.
I actually know where to get really sick guy suits for a decent price!! Its a secret I've only told a few ;)
        Maybe I'll spill it in my next guys fashion post.

p.s.1. I love when I see guys socks/ ankles.(basically trousers that are not too long) No, Its not a fetish. :$

Till next time


  1. I can't stand prep on me, but on guys, lovely!

  2. Lovely!!! I love men clothing!!*officially following you from you can stop by sometime.. Thanks.. :))

  3. Those gold shoes are outrageous! I love the preppy look too. So cute.


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