New hair to start of thenew year ;)

Sitting on a very very lonely train at the moment to Wem, Shropshire. Can't say I'll miss London. Infact I'm looking forward to the more organised way of life I have in Wem. The only thing I'm dreading is unpacking, but I miss everyone and I cant wait to see them. 
I woke up so early this morning for this hair, and i must say i think it was worth it

I Don't think I'll be posting very often this month (and this month only) because I happen to have life changing exams as I like to call it. Do pray for me.
When does everyone start school or work?

                                                              Till next time lovelies!!


  1. WOW You look great! It was worth it yes! Good luck for school and work :)

  2. Hola guapa!! muy guapa en las fotos!! feliz año nuevo!! un besazoooo

    Sweet style

  3. Laughs.
    See rhyme abeg!"New hair to start the New Year"
    Got exams too... Good luck. Wishing you the best.

  4. I so like the color,it's so funky! And I really like your hair because it's curly ,mine simply wavy and twisted!

    alexandra @

  5. love the colour! totes the colour from raven that i wanted too and the curls suit you...i will be takign a leaf from ur book and taking a hiatus too this month *sigh*

    all the best in ur exams

  6. You look so beautiful :)

    nice blog,


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