Japanese joy at the Barbican

The future fashion exhibition at the Barbican centre is a must see. In the midst of all the breathtaking designs and creations, I came to a conclusion that Japanese designers are the worlds best. Primarily because they stay faithful to their culture and heritage and also because they focus more on the silhouette. It is not about the distracting colours or the prints which usually distract people from the real beauty of many other designs. 
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That's Aceeee!!!

Those are dolls are arm linking :o I know!!


Most of the designs were of neutral colours, but I wasn't allowed to take pictures of those; Black, White, cream, grey, navy... e.t.c. These interested me more than the others because it gave me a chance to really focus on the real talent of the designers such a issey miyake, Rei Kawakubo and Yojhi Yamamoto. Of these three I was affected mostly by Rei.K's because she is more architectural about her designs. I could actually see the technical sides.
I must say that when these designers do use colours, It's also breathtaking because of the fabrics used and the amount of attention they pay to the detail. E.G the last photo- Red and Yellow skirt/suit.

Happy New Year all!! Hope we all get to see the end of this new year and does anyone have any new year resolutions they are going to try desperately to stick to?

Of all the designs, which is your favourite? I know its a bit much to absorb all at once, but I'm sure there should be one that stands out. For me, It's the wool Blazer.

                                                        Till next time Lovelies!!


  1. Great collection!
    lovely your jacket <33


  2. amazing collection! the clothes are really awesome!:)
    You have a great blog by the way! Im glad I ran into it! I really like your style:) and i like reading your posts!
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    Hope you visit me back & become a follower too :)

    Ps: happy new year !

  3. man how cool!!! I wish I could have seen that

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    xoxo, A

  4. these images r sooo inspiring


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  5. amazing post!!!!!thnx for sharing:)

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  6. if u can use the word architecture to decribe clothing, these garments def deserve the use of the word. wow....the techniques that went into this must be insane! love the 11st collection the best



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