We lose some, we gain some.

I have been a bit disorganised these days and ive been doing stupid things, like throwing my phone against the wall, getting mad for no reason and taking my anger out on the innocent. When I look back on my actions, I can only laugh... what has gotten into me?!

Anyway, I came across this post on a blog I read often, she writes so well and everything she says makes so much sense. For that I envy her.  http://www.christianarants.com/

"Although now we rarely speak and some us walk past each other as though we were strangers, I do hope you know that I’m grateful. I’m not angry or bitter. For some friendships I feel sadness, because I know our pride, stubbornness and inability to compromise brought blossoming relationships to an abrupt end. As it’s inappropriate to communicate with your adversaries, there's no real way of relaying my gratitude without seeming disingenuous. So I have no choice but to use this medium. Juxtaposed with the depth of what we had, it feels rather hollow, but I hope I manage to convey how I feel.

                    For each friend I lost, through you I gained something that has made me me. You taught me things like humility, confidence, diligence, fearlessness, how to hustle, how to make my hair look great on a budget, how to effectively stalk a man without letting him know you’re stalking him…. : ) How to not care what people think, how to care more about what those that matter think and how to let go....(well almost!).

Perhaps one day we’ll meet again, all will be forgotten and we’ll be friends like we used to. Except things can never be how they used to can they? I’ve changed, you’ve changed and in the real world our decisions aren’t made in vacuum. Reembarking on our friendship would be a road rife with insurmountable complications and I do think we’ve all moved on. Well…almost. You don’t ever ‘move on’ do you? Because old friends like old lovers remain implanted in the walls of our soul forever.

If we get to do this life thing again and we’re reincarnated into new beings, I hope our paths cross again. This time I pray we get it right and have the privilege of watching each other grow old in harmony. Until then, for your presence in my life this time around, I thank you."

I really have to learn not to let silly crap get into my head. I'ts so unnecessary

Right now I have a very very heavy headache. You know the type that kind of connects to your spine somehow. :s And I think I'm going to go to bed. *Think being the key word here....

Till Next time lovelies**


  1. You look Yummy as usual. I still want your jacket.

  2. LOVE that jacket!!!


  3. Thank you for quoting me. I am honoured!

    Love & Light,

    Christiana xxx

    p.s You look beautiful!

  4. we everybody have days like your...I hope now it's better...love your jacket!


  5. we all get mad like crazy for no reason sometimes its stress&pressure or maybe hormones haha but u sound better so thus great..love ur outfit gorgeous,u always elegant..Get well soon lovely

  6. I love Christiana's blog as well...so talented! And her tweets (especially during XFactor/ Apprentice) KILL me...she's hilarious!

    You look gorge as usual hunny x


  7. i am still so jealous of those shoes! you hair is beautiful and lovely outfit xx

  8. love the jacket and shoes!! and try to throw something less valuable than your phone against the wall next time :P

  9. This outfit is a little bit badass...in an awesome way! love it lady! xo

  10. Love your blog AND THOSE SHOES! Would love to feature you on my blog. Let me know. :)

  11. Hi girl, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog !
    OMG, your outfit is AWESOME, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT *O*.
    You look gorgeous ♥.

  12. the shoes the shoes the shoes <3
    Love the whole outfit actually
    Love Cxx

  13. oh wooow love dis outfit....ur blog is so nice... ave been following ur blog.... love dis outfit especially....

    please check out my blog... jus started last week
    Sylvia ChiChi- Caramel


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