Nothing Feels better than right now.....

         I wouldn’t have expected myself to wear this, EVER!! But I did, I guess Fashion isn’t about what to
   expect, it’s usually impromptu decisions. Well, at least for me, being the disorganized and always late type.

I Love the fact that I could keep warm, but also look a bit like a princess J

 And that thing on my head is actually a necklace( Just in-case you were wondering where I found The "hair piece")…. I Got rude stares all day, but who cares…  You can’t always please everyone right?!

            Plus, Dark plum lipstick makes me look like a scarecrow, but again, Who cares?!!!
             O.k, I do, I kind of felt awkward all day, but ah well.......

Doing an internship is difficult!! I might as well just be a slave… But who am I to complain, I’m lucky to be able to take part in this programme for a even a day…. But it’s a week, thank the lord….

Need to be in bed early for another round of the slave trade parade tomorrow… Jokes!! But I really do love it there sometimes…. They are so skilled, its surreal….

                   Make sure you check  Her style is superb and shes fit too

                                                    Till next time :)


  1. oh how im loving maxi skirts at the moment! im wearing one now and the freedom is so worth it! great contrast with the floral and chunky knit! you pull off the headpiece so well, i would look like a doofus haha

    now following you! come follow me too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  2. lovely knit sweater!
    wanna follow? :)


  3. thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

    I am crazy about maxi skirts too and i love this look on you.

    I like your blog and would love to follow you. Follow me too... :)


  4. Oh your are so pretty !! Love your outfit !

  5. love this look a lot!! it's a bit 90s and you look like a princess indeed! :)
    just found your blog, it's cool! :)

  6. You look wonderful with tis oufit! Amazing!!

  7. Love that skirt. It's magical!

  8. love our skirt! you are so adorable, I am your newest follower :)

  9. Just lovely :)

  10. Wow! Cool look... I love the sweater and the skirt... Simply amazing!

  11. so gorgeous! love that headband

  12. very original proposition of outfit!

  13. You're majorly cool and I love your VL dress! Wouldn't have thought to wear it like this but I'm def. inspired.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! We really, really heart your blog :-)

    - Kemi for SLiq

  14. Thank you soooo much for your comment sweety!!
    You look gorgeous with this outfit!
    Weel done girl!
    Keep in touch..


  15. You whole look is 100 points out of 10! So good, the head piece is brilliant!

    xx, Chelsey


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