Build Me Up Buttercup.......

I'm Liking the black cars in the background. Goes with the outfit :)
Yes, I'm a bit lame, but ahhh well!!

A bit scary right??!!

I'm not one to wear all black, but I think this outfit is an exception. It sure does the phrase "all black
                  everything" justice, right??. what do you think? Plus, the red lips add a bit of colour.....
              Also, a combination of black and gold isn't usually my cup of tea as it usually turns out tacky looking,
                                                          but I just couldn't resist :)

                                             Running errands and a fab lunch with my sister.

          Being in London is amazing, and I'm going to have a busy busy week ahead, commencing on Monday.
                                                         And Thank you all for the comments........

                                                           Till next time you fabulous readers :)


  1. love your creativity and are those shoes ysl's :o

  2. Matching cars to your outfit - I like! Unfortunately, the only time I've ever matched my outfit to my car was heading to the gym and I was wearing a red hoodie. Classy. haha. You're definitely doing the all black outfit justice here!

  3. ohh i like all of the pictures but the first one especially! i'm never one to wear all black too but i agree it is always nice once in a while to change it up :)


  4. the black cars work a treat for you! and im LOVING your skirt! you pull off this head-to-toe all black ensemble brilliantly!

    thank you for visiting and your lovely comment! of course I'll follow, definitely a breath of fresh air here! ;)

    hope to see you around again soon or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  5. The all black looks fantastic! You look so fierce, I adore black and gold together, it can look really art deco and gorgeous

    R x

  6. I loove the pictures at your blog! -and I really adore this hat! :-)

  7. thanks for your lovely comment :)

    all black is hard to pull off but you do it so well!

    can we follow each other? i now follow you!


  8. wow- you have incredible eyes.
    the all black ensemble seems to suit you.
    thanks for a lovely comment on style odyssey. cheers!

  9. you have such a great style!
    love this blog!

  10. great outfit, the hats my favourite :) looks warm! xx

  11. Love this pics!!! Want you follow me?!
    I follow you back!!!

  12. ...u are so pretty! funny photos...lovely shoes :-)

    Follow me

  13. Hi, nice photos.. I like the outfit a looot and the hat is really cool! Have a great week :)

  14. Super sexy outfit and love the hat! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Am following now. Please come back and follow me : )

  15. i love the skirt. and the heels are fabulous!


  16. You look amazing! Thanks for your lovely comment! Following! Kiss

  17. Tu est magnifique, j'adore ton look, et cela te vas très bien.
    J'aime beaucoup tes chaussures.
    Très jolies photos

  18. You are very nice and I like your stockings :) I hope to see you in my blog and if you like it, we can follow each other :D

  19. very high fashion! love the shots! i followed your blog! follow mine if you like! :) see you around!

  20. Love how you mixed all those textures! Great blog!


  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE your lips...great color and that hat is FABBBBBBBB!!!! You look hott hot hottt!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  22. Love this outfit! So hot, I'm loving the hat and shoes!

    Alexandra xo

  23. Love the all black look, especially the way you topped it off with the Russian hat.

  24. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm now your follower darling ^^ I hope you will take part in my giveaway, look my blog :D

  25. Ah la la la, love love love!!!)))
    Very beautiful post, nice blog)

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