Trend or um, trend?

Case opened:

A couple of weeks ago, while frantically going through a clothing rail in Topshop, my Aunt asked me "So whats on trend these days?" I'm pretty sure I was stood there naming these so called 'trends' non-stop for a good 5 minutes. Plaid, oversized stuff, bright yellow, 60's glam, pencil skirts, checked prints, metallics, oh and I mustn't forget this one; leather is apparently a trend. *Moment of silence* It made me realise that perhaps the term is overzealously used these days. I further realised this when I looked back on a post where I reported 'Black and white' as a trend here. That was...... Isn't black and white a combination all 7 billion of us on earth throw on nonchalantly at least once a week? Also, plaid is supposedly a trend this season. Wasn't it in the trend forecasts 2 seasons ago? But duhhh, it's fashion, so plaid it is! Where my old school skirts at? #recycling #fashion
Picture source: Fashionising

Let's discuss the meaning of 'Trend' 


 [trend]   - style or vogue: the new trend in women's apparel.

Fashion enthusiasts definitely have a different dictionary saying TREND-  'Whatever looks cool yo' perhaps? There are way too many online platforms which permit any and everyone to give their opinions is the main reason for this decline in trend forecasting. Hey, I'm one of them so I'm not even mad at ya'll.
Oh, red is a trend too....  #bye
The blogs, online magazines, twitter and unfortunately, 'Instagram celebrities' are major influencers these days. Basically, the internet is why I have deep rooted trust issues - And my manfriend who thinks Dungarees and knee length boots is a good look. I kid you not!
Talking about dungarees, referencing past looks have been quite huge this Spring/Summer 13.
Apparently the 60's which has been on trend since well, the 60's is also in the books for whats hot this season.
Without really being conscious of it, a lot of people tend to wear what they see in magazines or on notable figures in society because they somehow identify with them.
I've never really been one to dress in accordance with what trend forecasts have to say but, I must admit, the likes of Diane Kruger do give me ideas here and there.
I merely, buy what I like, and wear what I buy. If it so happens to be on trend, wonderful, if not, wonderful! But somehow, I still manage to look nice or at least put together if I may say so myself. It brings me to the final conclusion that trends just don't matter anymore simply because there are too many of them and too many sources dictating them to us which therefore makes the lot somewhat invalid.  
Flowers are in this spring... ground breaking stuff.
Picture source: Vogue

Advise from me to you : Wear what you like and only that. Dress for yourself and not what the blogs or magazines tell you to wear. You'll 1. Save money, and 2. probably still kill it! It's about your confidence and using your style to express your personality. 
(But, for those who find decision making to be extremely tiring like I do, it's ok to secretly google 'Summer trends 2013') ;)
Case closed.



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  2. I have to agree with you totally. Because of this whole "trend" thing, people go and wear what they are not comfortable in or what doesnt fit their body types. And "prints, pastels, crop tops are in this spring" Im so tired of that sentence. They were in last spring and the spring before, I feel like a lot of trends are just recycled. Nothing beats having your own personal style. great post! That needed to be said. xx


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