Birdie Pump

Designed by no one other than the awesome Rupert Sanderson, the Birdie pump is certainly my 'IT-Shoe' of the season. It embodies everything I love from the satin to the lack of platforms wich give that steep satin sexiness. I like to say 'The steeper the heel the better the kill'. I don't mean this in a violent way; we aren't killing anyone over here. I mean it in a more sartorial context. e.g. 'She killed it with her shoe game', 'her dress murdered the party' e.t.c  (These are apparent popular phrases with the cool kids) The colourful party in the back but clean simplicity at the front also excites me. #contrast
Mr Sanderson gushed in excitement telling us about the results of Victoria Beckham simply tweeting a picture of the beauties. "She tweeted them and next thing people all around the world could see it within seconds. They are now sold out online but you can snag a pair in the shoe gallery if you're still lucky; you may need to run out of here after this talk" he joked.

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I saw the shoes for the first time in the flesh at a session organised by Selfridges in celebration of the Shoe Carnival. Vogue editor, Emily Zak asked the designer several questions about his design process, influences and general opinions regarding fashion related issues. It was interesting to listen to and definitely insightful. 

Ever seen anything more beautiful?

Cool fact: All the names of his shoes are derived from a little vintage book about daffodils which he found in a thrift store.



  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!
    I'm in love!
    S xx


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