Orla Kiely AW 13/14

Orla Keily's AW was pretty much a scene from a periodical series set in the 60's based in say an advertising company; cue mad men. 

The 60's seems to be the decade that keeps resurfacing. Just when you thought the ambiguous hemlines had drowned in the sea of trends, then you see the winged eyeliner and beehive hair do's make a comeback.
With a ridiculous amount of subcultures and trends it's only logical that the decade continues to influence so many aspects of the world today. We are beginning to reach a point where those things are becoming so frequent, they are almost staple.

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 TV shows such as Mad Men with their painfully inadequate translation of what the 60s were like seem to have shaped our minds into thinking that it was a glamorous decade. It really wasn't! I've always thought that its very hard to make any aspect out of that decade look even remotely original but with this capsule collection, Orla Kiely was able to prove otherwise. Refined in the linear simplicity, the garments were delicately detailed with unusually patterned  knits, peter pan collars, and yes, even felt.



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