Who Bougie?

The other day, I ran into an old friend Mo, and in these exact words, she said "All you do is eat, eat, eat and lose weight". I'm really not quite sure how my metabolism works, but at the beginning of summer, I weighed 57 (which is my heaviest yet), now I weigh 54. I've never eaten as much as I have this summer so It really is quite strange. I just remembered this because my ankles look a lil bit anorexic but I aint even mad. I don't know when my luck with all this eating is going to run out, but until then, YOLO!

P.S. I made these shorts. I bought a pair of old vintage trousers and had a bit of fun with them. All thats needed is a tooth comb and a pair of scissors. I've done a couple of others and can't stop wearing them these days. Might do a DIY seeing as summer has just begun.

And you know that any chance I get at acting a fool, I'll take.

Thinking about it, maybe acting foolish ever so often and being too playful might have something to do with my shrinkage. Too many damn activities.



  1. Absolutely in love with your earrings and bracelet! x

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  2. Shoes are incredible!

    Come and meet Hayley

  3. The short are divine and I like your jewels!
    You are not alone in the metabolism department, I have bean eating a lot and I have lost 5 kilo, very weird.
    Have a great week.

  4. Hi, honey! I really liked your blog, you have great photos! Now, I am your faithful follower! I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you will be my follower!)))) Miss you, kiss!

  5. Nice photos and you look great!


  6. pretty outfit, love your heels

    Lola x

  7. I am absolutely sure it has got everything to thing to do with our genes:-D . I actually stuff myself consciously just so that I don't loose weight (my clothes have got to fit right) :-)



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