Granny Skirt

At the rate at which the weather was going I was convinsed that we werent having a summer in England. While I don't mind that because I'm not the biggest fan of the heat, not being able to wear my summer shorts will not have gone down well the the weather gods or whatever as I've been eagerly awaiting being able to wear them.

Floral Print is quite obviously in as I've never seen a trend so abused so, I thought I'd join you guys and wip out all my floral print items to see which was suitable. I had to pick this because every other thing was so loud and colourful and while I do like loud and colourful, flowers also being in the mix just reminded me of an old curtain. I believe I'm under the influence of something illegal when I'm buying some clothing items sometimes. 
Anyway, this was was as crazy as I could go with all the print and flower power. The cool colours of deep green, blue and white go perfectly together while still letting me hop on the the floral print bandwagon. Hey guys!! *waves*

Pictures by Mommy

Let me not even go in on these shoes. Lets just say, I will never learn. Frigging Pigalles Wunmi?!!

Skirts with these old lady shapes make me feel so mature and lady like. (Neither of which i am in real life) Get a granny skirt and rock it!!



  1. Love Love the skirt doll. You rocked it! and your shoes are on point x

  2. beautiful skirt! and your mom took great shots!

  3. Love the print and you look lovely!!!

  4. VERY cute skirt. very cute indeed. x

  5. This skirt is gorgeous. I love classic styles like this. You look gorgeous in it! :)

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  6. Gorgeous look

  7. The skirt looks amazing! It looks cute on you.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  8. You have an amazing sense of style...and an amazing shoe collection!!!

  9. Ohhh i love the colours and print on this skirt xo

  10. So glamourous... is that a House of harlow necklace i spy? Love, VLL @ xo

    1. thanks for your comment. I'm just a newbie at the moment but glad you like it :-) xo

    2. You are welcome doll. I tend to click on people who comment on here's links and show some love if I like theirs too :)


  11. Love how you paired the crop top with a floral skirt!


  12. You look fabulous! Love your style and you have a great blog. following you :) hope you follow back xxx



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