Virgos Lounge "GLAM GRUNGE" collection

The Virgos Lounge Ladies have done it again. This time coming out with a collection less vibrant and colourful as usual, but make up for it with the bang on trend styles they've managed to infuse with vintage inspirations. The minute I saw the clothes, I thought to myself, they have stretched far out of their comfort zone, but unlike many, they were able to make it work! And of course they still have the elaborate statement pieces thrown in there.

Obviously, with the collection being called "GLAM GRUNGE" and all, we can sense a little bit of darkness. I love the way they've portrayed the Darkness using the whole "Lost in the woods" theme. Again, unusual for them, but it looks like It's something they do in their sleep. Shoutout to Sophie Pycroft for the photography.

One last thing I love about le collection as a whole. It somehow seems like it'll work for both winter and spring based on the colours and cuts. We've got until April guys (and maybe even beyond) ; lets get crazy!! You sure as hell know that you are going to see a few pieces on here soon. 

Click on the jump for the rest of the collection. 

My Favourite has to be the Side Slit dress with the sheer shoulder area. I'm loving how you can easily make it both a day look with tights, chunky boots and a fur jacket or Night look with a pair of CL Pigalles.  VL...... It's every girls dream!

Till next time babies. See ya



  1. I love the surrounding too. Great outfit. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  2. i've gotta have dem all...that white blouse, with embroided collar n cuffs?!! woosh! on point!

  3. this collection is to die for!
    i love your style - and cute blog btw!

  4. Love the accents of jewels here and there.

  5. Such a nice blog!
    Kisses from Come and visit my blog :)


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