Hey ho, 2012, lets go!

Some of my favourite outfits from 2011.
What happened this year
1. I turned 18
2. I started uni
3. I went to my first fashion week shows
4. I've met a lot of pleasant people who I think might just be life long friends
5. Formed better bonds with old friends.
6. Ozwald Boateng
7.I'm living on my own for the first time
8. I drew a naked woman, LIVE
9. I learnt to bake and cook like a pro
10. I had 2 driving lessons and gave up
11. Tumblr became cool
12. Consumed a lot of alcohol
13. I think I had more food than I've ever had in my life(I had some sort of feast literally everyday)
14. I became an official bicycle lady. (must be the highlight)
15. I started styling
16. I started a business
17. I stopped being so abusive (also physically)
16. I think I grew up a little bit

I really can't complain about this year, and that is SHOCKING being an avid nagger like myself. But I've come to realise that no matter how unfortunate I think I am, someone is always going through x100 worse. People die of hunger by the second and I have surplus food, a roof over my head, I'm getting an education and I have family and friends. I'f you've got even one of all I've just mentioned, thank your lucky stars. This doesn't mean you're not allowed to wallow in self pity occasionally. To be honest, I think its particularly good for your motivation. You CANNOT be content all the time. and I know it seems like I'm contradicting myself, but I mean ambition wise in this case, not your quality of life. 

I know I'm only 18 but sometimes I feel like I'm not as accomplished as I should be. No matter how much I'm doing at that particular moment, I feel useless and I'm always wanting more. It is a pretty good mind frame to have as I said previously but, the only disadvantage is being paranoid about my future. I really try not to waste my time. like EVER! I always want to be doing something. If I'm not in Uni, doing an internship, helping out with VirgosLounge, or whatever, I'm reading books or working on my clothing store website. Even free lancing occasionally.  Maybe I need to chill out a bit and stop being such a nuisance to myself. Maybe we all do. I'm not going to make any new year resolutions this time around because if I lack anything in the world, it's self discipline when it comes to resolutions. I just want the next year to be better than this one. I want to achieve more, be more creative and learn more things.

EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT IN THE END :) (for us all I hope and pray)
A picture I took on one of my early morning jogs. I think it kind of symbolises hope for a better new year. you know, the rise of the sun, the start of a new day and all that stuff.
And if I may add, If there is anything negative that you can avoid taking into the new year, let it go. I know January 1st is really just another day, but let bygones be bygones. We don't want to start the year off wrong now do we?

                                                                                       Love you guyziezz....
                                                                             Happy New Year!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Pretty unique style for someone of your age. Great post.

    Happy New Year!


  2. It smess a like this was an awsome year. I love all your outfits. Hope 2012 will be much better

  3. Your outfits are gorgeous. And come to think of it, you accomplished some stuff in 2011 so you shouldn't feel useless and Happy New Year.

  4. lovely outfits...lovely blog..inconsistent blogging..would be nice to see frequent posts this year as you have a very great sense of style.

  5. so happy I found your blog! your photos are very inspiring since we have similar style, definitely coming back=)
    check out my blog


  6. I love the fresh start feeling of a New Year!

    Love all of your colorful ensembles.

    PS. Don't forget to enter my Michelle Chang jewelry giveaway :)


  7. you were colors so stunningly, i am so inspired! winter usually is my season of black, hopefully, this season changes....


  8. loving all your outfits! just discovered your blog, will definitely be back to check it out:)

  9. you've got amazing taste doll! tres chic!



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