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Every once in a while, I blog about Men's wear. I think I should do it more often because Its actually fun. I tend to think about how the clothes will look on me and women in general. Sometimes It's cool in an androgynous manner, other times, not so much. But I really think men are overlooked in the fashion industry. I mean, there is only one day where men's wear designers are able to showcase their collections during London Fashion Week which is usually the Wednesday, while Friday up until Tuesday is for women. NOT FAIR!

First off 

                                                               Asger Juel Larsen Preview SS12

More photos after the jump

Very cool kid on the block kinna clothes! NOTE: You will only pull these off if you are cool or if you are dripping wet with swagga sauce. (or if you are an aspiring cool kid)
The styling is just perfect, even with the shoes which I actually find interesting. 

The new S/S 12 YSL men's collection

Aaaannnnd suddenly It's ok for a man to wear an all white outfit in my eyes.

Overall, the collection is ridiculously neat. Love the great tailoring and classic styles. Did anyone notice the guy in the 3rd photo. *wipes sweat*

J.W Anderson

I love these looks in particular because I think they are outfits I would totally wear. Whether I will pull them off or not, I don't know. But then again, when have I ever cared about that.
There is just something different about this collection but I can't place my hands on it. I'm thinking its either the delicate looking fabrics used, or the colour combination or the very fitted fitting. Maybe all, but its not the usual men's wear if you know what I mean. It's almost feminine, but in a good way. Maybe that's why its right up my street. (In Cheryl Cole's words)


Massimo Dutti

If buying these clothes will make you look like that or even close, then I suggest you take a trip down to the store. Its reason enough!
Ok but on a serious not, the tailoring/fit of the clothes is superb for the prices the offer. 
Not particularly cheap, but its not Ozwald Boateng, so I suggest you check it out.

That's enough boy stuff for now

Girly stuff tomorrow.... Till then :)

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