Last night

I went out 2 nights ago which I haven't done all summer. It was chilled...
might I just add that this jumpsuit cost me 7 pounds is one of my best buys. Such a classic piece. I like love the colour! Also, My friends camera is so amazing, because I don't usually look like this. I was so confused when I saw the pictures. It's either the camera automatically airbrushes photos or sumn, because I DO NOT usually look like this. I'll be updating you guys on what I've been up to tomorrow perhaps.

Jumpsuit - Miss Selfridge, shoes - YSL, Belt - Vintage.

I had the LONGEST day today. I think I'm going to have a noice snoooze.
Till Next time lovelies! 


  1. Your skin looks flawless. O my I saw that jumpsuit and tried it on but It was too short for me :(

    But You look great!

  2. what a great suit - and I love your makeup!

    x. jill

  3. Nice jumpsuit. I can never seem to find one that fits.

    What type of camera does your friend use?

  4. cute jumpsuit! and this camera is the last pic

  5. wow wow wow, I LOVE this jumpsuit!
    you look amazing :)

  6. Lovely jumpsuit! It's perfect for a night out, and you look so pretty! :)

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  7. you're beautiful!
    great look.


  8. i love the colour on you as well.

  9. pretty.

    if you're not already following, you could if you want to and i'll follow you back.^^

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  10. it looks lovely on where did you get the jumpsuit and what kind of camera does your friend have?

  11. You look so amazing in this jumpsuit :DD

    I love this color!! It's very awesome!

    check it out

  12. I took a peek around your blog and LOVE all of your outfits. spot on and perfect. xo

  13. Love the outfit! It fits you perfectly!

  14. You are wearing the same jumpsuit as Grace jones in La vie en rose
    you look great !!! check out the vid on youtube
    I love Virgos Lounge


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