Don't wear dresses on windy days

I've been reading up on a lot of stuff lately, and today I discovered a disorder called chronic Boredom disorder or some shit like that. Well, I'm not too sure what to make of that , but after taking psychology for 2 years I now really believe the idea that people actually make up diseases just so they can sell drugs. God Forbid I have nothing to do for a whole week and I'm home just having a lazy week( which happens often). That means I have a mental illness? Apparently, this disease causes people to get bored of their husbands and children.... Enough said.
                                My 9quid zara shoes, Primark dress, H&M necklace, Ray ban sunnies, YSL bag.

**ON A MORE IMPORTANT NOTE, and yes, I am shouting. I confirmed my uni accomodation offer today. I think I'm going to like it. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is people stealing my food which apparently happens a lot in Uni. Well, I have received useful advise from my sisters who all went to uni.
1. Make concussions and put them in the food packaging.  When the thieves eat it, they won't be back for more. e.g white substances in milk bottles{It can be whatever you like ladies and gentlemen}
2. If you don't mind hot food, make your food extra spicy.
3. Label your food - "I spat in this" should do.
4.(I came up with this one) -  You can tell your flat mates that they are putting on weight every once in a while. Apparently this affects a vast majority of the population. It won't affect me tbh, but if it works.... HEY!
5. This is probably the most effective as you can be 100% sure that your food will always be intact
Some might say this is taking it too far, but I'm really protective over my food. A girls gotta eat.... frequently.

                                                                  Till next time lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. Lovely print

    X Zoe X

  2. love the dress and while i think that is a little overboard the box to safeguard your food! you gotta do what's best.

  3. you look so amazing!! i love the pattern of your dress!

    <3 steffy

  4. Love your dress!
    Ahh I'm going to uni this year too! I'm buying myself a mini fridge for my room (Y) Like your tips though haha ;)

  5. ELL OHHH ELL wummerz...gotta love your style (y)
    love the pictures

  6. I was about to buy this dress.. now I regret about my decision! you look great :D

  7. haha! mann, now i'm being paranoid about the whole food situation when i move into uni this year!
    maybe a good thing to do would be to put 'expired' labels on your food !


  8. You're so pretty.
    Goodluck with Uni.

  9. Oh!!! I Love your blog!

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    I'll follow you back.

  10. Your style is amazing! love your necklace and those ray-bans. Loving the title too <3

  11. don't wear dress on windy daysss haha :P

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    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  12. Love this fresh look! You're naturally pretty too :)
      Madison's Assortment

  13. LOVE your heels! Love the yellow! :-)

  14. great outfit, I love your dress! ♥

  15. I love your posts! :D I am so glad I'm following you. :*

  16. I love the print on your dress - and the food 'cell' is a cool idea, as long as no one would get mad at you for taking up that much space in the fridge!

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. You look gorgeous !! I love Your dress! Great blog!! I fallow You! Follow me if you like ;)!

  18. You have really wonderful style! Love this outfit and your nail color is so great. I've been looking for a good metallic color.



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