We'll see many more Graduations :)

She has to be one of my bestest friends who I  know I can rely on whenever. So going over to her school on that long ass journey was worth it. And also for the fact that she has come to my school like 5 times which is an even longer train ride and I have never returned the favour. X_X
I keep on saying "my school" It hasn't sunk in yet that I'm no longer a student there. Pardon me, I need time to let it sink in.

Did anyone see my tweet about me looking like Pippa Middleton on this day. I think I was flattering myself tbh, but this is something she would wear. So grannyish and old. Love the Middletons though, but those ladies need to become more BADASS!!

More photos of my outfit, V's Hepburnish outfit, sushi, my outfit from the day before, and a little rant. :D after the jump

I wore this the day before on my way there. I walked in those shoes ALL day. From 12-9 :/ and probably a total of about 3 miles. Gosh, I'm hard!

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I wore these shoes all day too. I did take them off to walk bare feet on the road in the town centre at one point, but it had to be done, If not I'll probably be writing up this post from a hospital. I think I thought I was cool when I didn't take flats along with me.
A big congratulations to my baby. You've done well!

You guys don't even want to know how tired I am. I have been up before 7 everyday this week and I'm on holi-freaking-day!! >:o
I assisted the styling for a video shoot and that had me up at 6 this morning. I'll post photos and possibly videos(if I'm allowed) from that tomorrow. 

Thanks guys for commenting, following and the feedback. I always think about writing it, but then the porosity of my brain knows no boundaries, so I always forget. I apologize for that.


Till next time (tomorrow)


  1. those are amazingly beautiful shoes!

  2. Congrats to your friend, love the shoes.

  3. u look stunning as always.congrays2ur friend!

  4. love her dress! Is it from zara? Love the look x



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