This is single-handedly the best picture I have ever taken. It had to come first. I stared at it for like 30 minutes. It's beyond beautiful. Ridiculously Numinous!!!

Lots and lots of photos after the Jump. I can't remember the last time I was at the beach, But I don't remember the water ever being freezing cold in the middle of summer. Anyway, We still went in deep. I did not travel for an hour to dip my toe nails in the ocean. nai!

More photos after the JUMP

You probably noticed a lot of black/white photos. These days I'm beginning to think they make pictures more beautiful. Almost romantic, but not in a lesbian way. like more artistic. Also almost mysterious. Most especially photos capturing priceless moment. Gotta love Picasa. The Tint option is the most beautiful.

I got an excessive amount of makeup today. Again! X_X I think I'm developing a problem. All I know is I need a new makeup box/bag. A VERY big one.
In My last blog post, I was asked to share what I bought, So I'm thinking I'll do a vlog. It's too stressful to take pictures of them all, list them and price them. you all know I'm lazy. :D

Lastly, I was going to upload a video from the day, but Vimeo won't let me (something about limits). And There is no way in Heaven or hell that I'm paying for the so called "premium" membership.

                                                                           Till next time lovelies.


  1. looks like you all you ladies had a lovely day!!

    the candy apple looks scrumptious, i really want one now! haha

    [] xx
    [] xx

  2. These are so pretty - and I do love the first one, it is incredible! Great photography, what kind of camera are you using? Fabulous blog you have here, keep posting!

    If you have a chance too, please come check out my site and leave some feedback, it would mean a lot!

    Once again, lovely blog and you are a talented photog!

  3. lovely blog!

  4. Such pretty photos....I like black and white one's too, I know what you mean, it does look more romantic. Love your earrings too xxx

  5. Wow!!! That first picture is amazing! Look at the horizon. Your pictures always come out great anyway :D Fun fun fun

    Adiya (formally the corner shop- had to change my url X_x)

  6. Picture #1 is pretty amazing! Stumbled on your blog loving the pics!

  7. Cool pics! Loving the beach!!

  8. what beach was this please?


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