There will always be art

If I did this 5 years ago, I would have been murdered with brutal looks from passers by. Now, Its perfectly ok. That's the great thing about fashion and other arts, stuff revolves and stuff are recycled. Therefore, it becomes a never ending process. Which is why there will always be fashion, and there will always be art

I'm trying to make some changes to the blog layout. I'm like clueless with all this technical stuff. Anyone have any tips?

Till next time dolls. 


  1. wooow amazing you look amazing

    and yes art and fashion will live on :D xoxo

  2. love love love.... this!!!1 jus amazing <3

  3. hey darling
    kindly put the name of the lovely outfits, shoes , bags and jewelry u are wearing....its being a little selfish not sharing the good spot u got it from lol...besides if half the world could dress as gorgeous as u will be a better place to the blog.

  4. Oh I absolutely love this look, you've paired the different prints so so well!

    -Laura x

  5. yum yum sugar plum... this outfit wins!

  6. WOW amazing
    your top is too nice
    you're super nice
    I love everything everything everything


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