Pink Gasoline

Whenever I wear a skirt past my knee it has to be with mega high heels if not I end up looking like a midget(which I almost am) On another note, PINK and GOLD!!! Who woulda thunk it?!!
I picked this clutch up a few months ago from a vintage shop and the day before I promised myself to stop getting black accessories. Well...... see how that worked out. Promising myself things is always an epic fail because all I want to do is rebel, against myself. So I got it. I can't be normal. I told myself "It's quite spacious for an envelope clutch". And that was the selling point. Just like that. And then I started thinking about going clubbing and needing a clutch bag which I can fit flats into and my makeup and my phone and all that stuff. Then I was like Yo.... This bag is a must have!!

                                       Loving the sparkles in the day time. It attracts a LOT of attention.

I've got a lot of exciting projects coming up end of summer. I'm so excited, its unreal. Lots of planning. BUSY BUSY


  1. Such a gorgeous combo! Really lovely!

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  2. u look amazing! i love ur shoes!

  3. are your shoes miu miu? Love 'em!

  4. definitely loving the sparkles during daytime.
    New trend right thurrr !!!

    Your hair is soo long missy.
    Keep rocking it ;)

  5. I love your outfit
    you're beautiful wooow

  6. where is the skirt from?

  7. The skirt is Vintage and yes, the shoes are Miu Miu.

    Thanks guys :*

  8. this is HOTT!!!

  9. The skirt is Hot, Love it. x


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