Christmas in July

I was at the Push PR Christmas event yesterday for a short time because I had to do other stuff, but I was able to document my favourite things. And to be honest, these photos don't do the pieces justice. They were sooooo beautiful!! And that's coming from me. A jewellery fanatic. 

Leather Grace Rucksack.

Snake Wrap Ring...This is not actually the proper colour of this ring. The lighting made it go all wrong. Its like a sapphire blue. Very Very chic!!  You can see the proper colour at

You can find this on

Bespoke shoes. The name says it all. You get to design your own shoes!! nuf sed!

The tassled necklace  is by Akong
Alexis Bittar Bangle. This is a work of art right. I love how the bracelet is punkish Glamour in this weird way.

These earings remind me of Heaven..... By Dima Rashid. Its an 18ct blackened yellow gold moonstone earing with white diamonds. I think thats why it costs 12,500. If I had The money I would totally buy it anyway.

 I think this ring was my favourite piece there. It happens to be vintage

 These are some radical necklaces ehh?!! Retro, fun, girly and cool at the same time.

There were also these cool Ipad cases That I feel in love with even if I don't own an Ipad. I didn't have an opportunity to take pictures, but you can find them on The orange one is my fave.

Most of the Jewellery is from so please check them out!!  :)

I have more blog posts like this coming up so watch this space. I will only post things I like or things that I think you guys will like. :)

Till next time lovelies!!


  1. The unique design of the necklace is cool!
    You may feel mature. That I want.

    I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too! xx


  3. I LOVE their jewellery.I Will definitely be checking the sites to spend my hard earned money.

  4. OMG!! those dima Rashid Earings. My mum loves stuff like that. shell probably want it if i show it to her. which I will. I love your blog more and more everyday. whatever happened to that video answering the other half of the questions you said youre going to upload. ive been waiting.

  5. wow that snake wrap ring is stunning!

  6. How lovely! I like the idea for a party too, Christmas in July. Great photos x

    The Internet Garbage

  7. These pieces are really cute, love your blog. Check out mine some time...

  8. So pretty!
    Follow each other? :)



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