Hey guys, I've not been too active on this blog which is not like me, but as exams are on right now, I'm sure you can understand. you know I'll never neglect you guys without a valid reason, but come summer, I think you guys might tell me to stop updating.

This is a photo of me that I took a while ago and I cant actually remember what it was for, I just found it on my laptop. I like my hair here.

And this video below is from an old Virgos lounge film we made around this time last year. Everytime I watch it I cringe, but its quite cheeky.... in a good way of course. Enjoy


And below is the making of the Virgos lounge film. It was a fun and unforgettable experience...... lotsa candy. The making of the actual film starts about one minute into the video. The first minute consists mainly of shots from the Editorial which I wasn't involved in, so you won't see me there. Incase you didn't notice, I'm the short one in the blue floral dress and the hat holding the huge lollipop, and I'm also wearing the maxi peach dress towards the end.

Can I just point out this fact... I cant spell anymore. when I finished typing this up, and I looked over it, so many things were underlined in red, I couldn't believe it. 

Anyway, Till next time my darlings


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  1. Love the video's. The floral dress looks so cute on you btw.
    The only reason I ever wish I was in England is cause of Virgo's Lounge, I absolutely love their stuff, I hope I work with them in future.


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