I don't mean to be a nag but

Here I am again wearing my granny shorts and my "toy" glasses. haha. and introducing, the McDonald's necklace. Can I just point out how much I love the collar on this shirt and the colour as well :D A long nag and more photos after the jump. Beware if you hate nagging sessions. It includes the several reason as to why I haven't been able to blog much. they make total sense.

I know It's been sometimes since I last blogged, but I've been busy with life challenging issues. Seriously, My excuses are valid. I don't mean to be a nag, but here they are:
Trying to sort out my summer plans
The weather is annoying. The sun has been out and everything, but its still so windy and wet. I've been wearing dresses, hoping for it to just magically get HOT. but no. Then the day I decide to cover up, guess what. The heat flies in. Obviously, I couldn't take pictures in the rain, in a short dress. 
Angry about the fact that I don't have any time to even think about my leavers ball dress which is in about a month
INSECTS- ohmigod, they are a big threat to my life
Oh, and I just found out that I react to makeup. HOW!?
So, I have not worn makeup in a week. LOL. Anyway, I'll have to wait till end of may, when I go on halfterm to do proper research on which one I can use and which ones I can't. This really sucks.
If I'm too restricted, I'll just keep using the same makeup. CBA

On a brighter note, well, sort of. I'm 18 in a couple of weeks. shreeek! can't wait for the gifts, and only the gifts. All other aspects suck. (secretly smiling inside)

Till next time darlings :) :)
Love you.


  1. Lovinggg the green!



  2. really cool! love the colour of the shirt :)

  3. was wondering where u had been.....edgy, funky..i like alot

  4. u look great hun,didnt know u were still so young and yet so sylish???

    As for the weather it totally sucks, and makeup I react to the ones that have fragrance

  5. love this! love the big green collar and the blazer... also very into that mcdonalds necklace haha x

  6. haha love the mcdonalds necklace..and the shoes are fab!

  7. i love the outfit..
    so chic.


  8. that jacket is amazing! Love this whole outfit!


  9. love the way your assembled your outfit, i'm inspired!

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