What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner.


Caitlin Is gone :'( I'm sure going to miss her and Isabel. She gave me an Australian T-shirt which says "Hell team" It's just a plain oversize tee, but I plan on over wearing it to death come summer.

My Aunt bought me this coral dress and to be honest I never thought about wearing it, but being stuck on what to wear for this dinner like 20 minutes before it started, I just threw it on, used this life saving belt and wore the most painful shoes I own. I also had to walk in the freezing cold in them for ages, Imagine that hellish scenario. ( oh, It was slippery too)
Being the little destructive animal that I am, that necklace is now officially ruined! :'( 

Holidays in 3 days...
Unfortunately It'll be a busy one. 

I also have some interviews coming up on a couple of sites :D <watch this space>

Till Next time...


  1. Oh my god, where did you get a hold of that necklace?

  2. u look gorgeous hun,love ur dress

  3. awww love the dress!! very cute pictures :D XXXX ♥


  4. Hey ! Thanks for the comment, you are really beautiful !
    Love all the dresses, wow !

  5. Wonderful dress!!

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