Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the vainest of them all- not me :)

These are more of arty- fartsy pictures and playing around with my camera and editing programmes :)

 I was told by a friend that I upload "way too many" pictures of my face. I thought about it, and I couldn't see the sense in this opinion with it being MY blog and everything, Hence, the reasons why MY face is all over it, you know??! Anyway, I decided not to overly include my face in these pictures just to please those who might agree with my friend. To be honest I hate the idea. But change is good eh?! Will be back to normal pretty soon.

Well, Transporting a mirror from one end of the village to the other is obviously not the easiest task,  But, me being me, I made the best out of it and took pictures. So, me carrying the mirror is not me trying to impersonate a model from one of those fancy but grungy type vogue editorials. It’s just the life of a mirrorless village girl who just found her new best friend.  I’ve been living like a prisoner in my own dwelling place for so long without a mirror. It really was a tough phase, Glad its over now. 
                                           Till next time me lovelies :)


  1. like the pink shoes. your blog is as old as mine althought you post mere. anyway check it out.it aint only style and fashion but you're welcome to follow or add if you like.

  2. forgot to add the address http://mbabaziannet.blogspot.com/

  3. Loving your pink stilettos :) xoxo


  4. hey girl! love your outfit, I have that HM jacket too & its awesome!!

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  5. Beautiful pics....

    dear, participate in my giveaway?? :D

  6. hahahahahahaha the mirror bit is hilarious!
    You're actually a nutter!



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