Yes, I'm more or less living in these boots, but they are just so comfy, its unreal.

That was so much fun!!

I just love this photo sooo much......

I think this just easily narrates the story of my attempt to win a sponge bob doll :'(

Tomorrow is the "wear bright colours" day, and I know not what I am wearing yet. I'll probably decide at 10:10 - classes start at 10:15
I'ts for Children in need, which is one charity I'm fully in support of. I did a stay awake programme to raise money for them a couple of years ago in year 11. Being a prefect, I had to mind the painfully irritating kids and I couldn't partake in any of the fun activities like sumo wrestling and karaoke. :( Which made it even harder to stay awake for 24 hours straight. The thought that I was doing it for a good cause did help me through it, but also my abundant supply of redbull (and other drinks that consist of Glucuronolacton and caffeine :)

I'm now going sooooo off the radar here..
Will post pictures of my bright/blinding outfit tomorrow.

Shoes :)

Revision for mocks commence.
Till next time :)

The redness, well wine-ness of my hair shows a little bit


  1. lol, looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Love the first pic and of course the fur!

  3. lovely pics hun..u look great as always

  4. woooow...

    Love the first pic, and your shoes!! <3


  5. these pics are amazing i love how your rocking a fur coat and amazing boots on the wobbly ladder!! also the shoes in the last pic are to die for seriously xx

  6. This is a great post! first time ive come across your blog and i really like it! the photos are beautiful!

  7. Did you customize your Dr. Martens or did they come like that?


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